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We could never have been who we truly are



Since the day we were born we went from arm to arm, no matter who they were, at the mercy of the formatted minds, and sometimes, even the sick ones.
Some loved you because they could carve you to the blade of their values.

Some others saw you as their saviours, whom would become someone they have never achieved to become.

Some were drawn into the abyss of self-depreciation and saw in you their one and the only reason to live, leaving you with so much on your shoulder to lift up.

But this is not it. What about Education, that took you under their wings of conditioning, placing you like a dot on a board game, for what your country has yet to achieve.
And finally media and politics thirsty for power, that caught you in their web, of manipulation.

It was never about you, so you never knew about you and so you don’t know about you.

And it is not your fault, you could never have stood a chance.

By the time you become an adult, every single of your cells are programmed to go into the direction of your perpetrators, without you even knowing it. You navigate through life in Autopilot mode and it is lead by your subconscious.

What now? Don’t you want to answer the questions: what do I truly want, and who is the I who wants it?
Yes it is time, indeed, to take our freedom back and become who we truly are.


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