Would you like to support Ellen Mouton’s mission?
To raise the collective consciousness and to promote the awakening of humanity?
Humanity next evolution is needed to face and fix the issues that we encounter today as a species.

We need to unlearn what we have learned such as war, competition, stress, suffering, with new ideas and values.

If you think you can help please get in touch!

How can I work or volunteer for Ellen?
There are several ways that you can help EllenMoutonTV –

Translate Ellen’s videos to your native language. Using Youtube tools.
Volunteer at her future events. Let us know if that’s what you are interested in when applying.

If you’re a seasoned expert in video and audio editing, WordPress, marketing, read proofing and editing in French or English or another area you can send us your CV, motivational letter and little application video to contact@goingbackhome.org

If you have only a little time in your hands and want to do a few tasks remotely online please email us with your offer to volunteer@goingbackhome.org! (i.e. spell-checking text, sorting material into categories, subtitling videos, etc.)

Tell us more about what you are looking by completing the form below.

Thanks so much!

Much love