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Ellen left the UK in 2015 to start a new life after a spiritual awakening. Her entire life changed. She then decides to be of service to others through meditations, books, teaching, podcasts and video content. Her mission is to show people the way out of the labyrinth of their suffering, by guiding them so that they can reconnect with their true nature. 

With her noticeable voice, Ellen created a meditation podcast called “Sleep Heal and Grow ” where she helps her audience to relax sleep but also transform.

She’s created several 10 day online courses where she provides people with insights, tools and practices to improve their lives. 

Her programs are based on voice and sound.

Educational content, guided meditation, sound and voice therapy, hypnosis, heart coherence, brain synchronization as well as emotional intelligence and mind management, are some of the tools that she offers. 

Her work can be seen on InsighTimer app under Ellen Mouton ou on

To restore a healthy mind and lifestyle routine, make inspired life decisions and face the important activities that punctuate our days, relaxation and mindfulness are primordial. 

With 3.8 million views on her YouTube channel “French Accent Sleep Voice and sound healing”, where she helps her audience to fall asleep, as well as 300,000 plays on InsightTimer, Ellen just wants you to be able to let go.

 “Sleep is the fuel of the man of action” – Frédéric Dard.

*Examples of subjects :
Increasing self-confidence and self-esteem
Managing stress and anxiety
Dealing with traumas and conditions linked to the feminine and the masculine
Supporting personal or professional transformation
Clearing limiting beliefs and wrong perceptions
Understanding and healing pain and suffering
Understanding and overcoming fear and worries
Understanding and living with trauma
Improving our relationship with others and with our self through self-love

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Coaching Package – personalised session – Skype or Zoom up to 1 hour
One session €50TTC
Two sessions €90TTC
Five sessions €210TTC
Ten sessions €350TTC

Before the session:

Pre-session questionnaire
Making an appointment

During the session:
One hour session

After the session:
Summary, closing, recommendations, exercises, resources by email
2 follow up emails (included in the package)

The coaching session happens preferably on Zoom because the quality is much higher than on Skype. The registration and installation take only 1 minute.
Do not hesitate to book your first session today. Once the payment is processed, please contact Ellen with your best available date on:

“Do you want freedom, peace? Whom do you choose to be and what are you prepared to do for humanity?
“Ask & it is given” – Esther Hicks.
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*A coaching session is a form of emotional support, a tool to take action, motivate stimulate and help with decision making and therefore is not a substitute for medical or psychological therapy.

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