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In 2015, when I had my Spiritual awakening I wish I had someone to support me and help me to understand it and to go through this accelerating yet difficult phase where you change so much, your ideas, your needs, that you require adjustment, not to live normally because you won’t ever again, and this is a good thing, but to adapt to these changes and to know what to do and how to handle the emotions attached to this unique life transformation.

When we see all the things that are not ok with ourselves, others and the world, it can be overwhelming at times but also very exciting.

If you don’t know where to start with your awakening or if you are starting a spiritual path or simply seeking for answers, I propose to support you, coach you, help you progress, on an individual basis, using my own experience and tools. I will guide you through finding and living, at last, your life purpose and without no judgment.

If you plan on working on a medium or long-term life project, over several sessions, I will introduce you to my 3 step process to transforming your life, that I wrote after using it on myself during and after my awakening:

Step no1: re-integration


Step no2: transformation


Step no3: evolution


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