Relaxation offer

Offer no1: LIVE

PACK “1 to 1” Relaxation sound healing – Private session – using Zoom + FREE bonus audio mp3 of the session!

With an audience of 18000 on my Youtube channel so far, and over 300.000 plays on the app InsighTimer,, relaxation became one of my specialities.
Today I propose a LIVE relaxation where I will guide you through a session including sound healing instruments and music, guided meditation, chanting, chakras tuning, reiki and personal attention.
You can choose “audio only” on and off with ZOOM, for more privacy.
Just let me know before we start.
The session will be recorded for your personal use.

This session is perfect at any time of the day, just like for meditation.
*I do not practice after 8 pm Paris time. 🙂

30 min initiation € 29 + bonus audio recording (mp3)
1h €49 + bonus audio recording (mp3)
**Save: 6th session is free


Introduction position and breathing
Sound bath (Tibetan bowl, tuning forks, bells, chimes, shamanic drums, mouth harp, chanting, mantras reciting )
Meditation (body scan, breath or Vipassana)
Guided meditation ( choice of subjects)
Finale (5 min of energy sharing through silence)

Q& A (Non-mandatory)

Receive the FREE Mp3 of the session
Receive a free guided meditation (mp3)

Choose duration


PACK “ personalised audio only relaxation mp3″ + FREE bonus hypnotic video background for more relaxation

Let me soothe you with personalised audio that I will be creating for you.

It will be unique and infused with care and personal attention.

I can name you so that you feel as if I were right close to you.

This is also a perfect gift for a child.

WARNING: please, fill up the information questionnaire before ordering.
I reserve the right to refuse any offending sensual or sexual request.

Example of request:

1 – Guided meditation with a soft voice and soothing background music

2- Read a passage of a book, “ear to ear” with Tibetan bowls in the background


€39 for 1 audio mp3 + Bonus relaxing video

Please fill up the questionnaire below and tell me more about your ideas. Then I will contact you with a purchase order of 39 Euros.
Don’t worry if you do not have any idea, I will suggest a few for you.

Thank you

Online questionnaire click here

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1- Personalised roleplay 15 min – Mp4 format + audio version OFFERED!

People who watch my relaxation Youtube channel called French Accent ASMR, already know the type of content I do.
I thrive on creating affordable, relaxing content from only €29.
ASMR relaxation is perfect for indulging ourselves or for gifting our loved ones.

Please fill up the questionnaire with your ideas, and don’t forget to ask scenarios that I either already done or that involve material that I already own.

Thanks so much!

Click here to fill up the questionnaire

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2- Book or tale reading session for children (or parents :)) with relaxing ambience – Video format
Price: €29 + BONUS audio mp3 version

Indulge your child with a soothing and relaxing bedtime story.

“ear to ear” soft voice and whispers.

Your child can choose a short story among a list that I will send you. If you prefer your own make sure the duration of the lecture is not over 20 to 30 minutes.

Do not hesitate to book your first session today. Once the payment is processed, I will contact you.

Thank you


When ordering, please write “ASMR pack” or “READING” in the field down below.

Price €29

Write “ASMR pack” or “READING”

Sample book reading: