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Minimalism and travel


Did you know that the quickest way to learn to lead the life of a minimalist is to travel?

I have been in India, Tamil Nadu, twice in the past year, and stayed for 3 months each time.

I have learned or should say HAD TO learn to let go of my usual western life comfort and replace it with DYI solutions, humility and welcoming Tamils generosity and kind nature.

Yes, my Indian friends were very helpful and took good care of me, because I chose to live with locals. Why? To know them, live like them, with them like family.

Being minimalist, humble and approachable will get you anywhere so who cares about money and possessions?

I got so many true experiences instead, that I won`t forget.

I am now planning my next trip to Central and South America where I will arrive again with nothing but me, and that will be plenty!

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