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Mindfulness: did we become insensitive?


Mindfulness: did we become insensitive?

Today as I was enjoying a mindfulness walk I wondered: how does it feel so good!
Mother nature, the trees… It was as if the body remembered and it made me feel revived instantly.
Do you believe in the call of nature?

Maybe this is the reason`s why newly awakened people suddenly feel this bond with it.

Not that we didn`t know about nature before, but as we often manage our lives in an automatic pilot mode, we become numb to emotion, to beauty.

Nature, beauty, and simplicity did not stand a chance in our so-called modern lives.

At the pursuit of money, love, sex, and success, or busy regretting the things we have done as if we could now change any of it, put us in a loop future past, future past… no wonder we get crazy.. and unhappy!

What about the present?

Mindfulness has to do with being one with the present moment and guess what, this is where beauty, peace, and love lie.

So let`s quit numbness to better open our eyes.

Why not going out in nature this weekend!

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One thought on “Mindfulness: did we become insensitive?

  1. Thank you Ellen, nature does hold a true steadfastness to a calm and peaceful life.

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