A few words

Ellen is a Spiritual Precursor, teaching the new energy toward oneness, and preparing the new generations for the new world because this depends on them.

She helps YOU to design YOUR reality, the one that YOU prefer.

Do you want freedom, peace? Who do you choose to be and what are you prepared to do for humanity?

“Ask & it’s given” –  Esther Hicks

Following a spiritual awakening in December 2015, she left London, UK, after almost 10 years. She chose to go back to France, where she is from, in order to help people too, to wake up from the conditioned life we are all born in and suffer from.

While we suffer, from this unconscious mass conditioning we don’t seem to be able to see beyond, because being human is a great limitation, yet it is just there, but only us as individuals can find our path to the end of our suffering and the one of humanity.

The Human Awakening is a shift in consciousness and Ellen desires to join all the spiritual teachers out there to participate to the awakening of humanity, that is occurring at the moment and to facilitate the elevation of collective consciousness.

Consciously aware that she is “lucky” or should she say missioned as an awakened being, she would like to be this hand to show you the way out of the labyrinth of suffering.

The future of humanity and of this planet depends on all of us reconnecting to our true nature.