A few words

Coucou this is Ellen here,

Following my spiritual awakening in December 2015, I left London, UK, after I lived there for nearly 10 years, to go back to France, where I am from, in order to help people to wake up too from the conditioning we are all born in and suffer from. While we suffer, from this unconscious mass conditioning we cannot see beyond our limited mind, yet it is just there the many options that are offered to us. 

My awakening also marked the end of my chronic depression, that which I woke up too, and since then, my mission is to participate to the awakening of humanity that is occurring at the moment and help the elevation of global consciousness. 

Consciously aware that I am "lucky" or missioned as an awakened being, I would like to be this hand to show you the way out of the labyrinth.

As a self-learner and self-starter, I decided to create my own youtube channels, starting with an ASMR channel or creative relaxation, as I like to call it, in order to start helping people with their stress and insomnia. Then, later on, was born "Super Food For The Soul as well as the French version "Eveil spirituel pour tous" also on youtube, where I could start to talk spiritual awakening, conscious life, getting out of the social conditioning to people, in order to begin the process of helping them on a deeper and transformative level, in other words, to be the Boss of their lives.

I am offering my experience, skills, and tools in order to assist people who are seeking and desire to change their lives at different levels.

Whether it is to get out of their conditioning, to, instead, find and follow their natural life purpose or to create a life free of suffering and full of meaning or a "portable" online activity to live completely free and travel, whatever I help with, teach or say, is because I've been through it before, the depression the hypersensitivity, the awkward feeling of not fitting in the society, this supreme need for freedom, and more, but now I am back home. 

This is the place we all knew once but we lost sight of. This is your connection to all that is, to the source of life itself, and where all the beauty happens, if we desire it so. 

In other words, this is your birthright so go back home.



I am talking about conditioning but how do you know you are? Under 10 min video:


Difference between physicality, spirituality and spiritual awakening. Under 10 min video: